Emerging Growth Companies

We work with entrepreneurs and emerging growth companies who are engaged in exciting ventures. Our portfolio is comprised of IT clients, including leading companies in health IT, location-based services and telecommunications, as well as other innovative companies in other industries such as fashion, digital advertising, marketing and PR, consumer products and creative streams.

Passion for entrepreneurship together with our fluency with the start-up ecosystem enables us to assist emerging growth companies maximize their potential. Deep understanding of the life cycle of businesses from formation, capitalization, commercialization and exit enables us to position emerging growth companies for success.

We are dedicated to fostering the growth of emerging companies, and as such, we have developed an Outside General Counsel Program tailored to our emerging growth company clients. Members of the program will be offered a fixed-fee service which will give them cost certainty for the legal foundations needed to propel their growth.

Tier 1: Foundations for Growth

  • Assignment of Intellectual Property Agreement
  • Standard form of Employment Agreement or Contractor Agreement
  • Non-disclosure agreement
  • Corporate records maintenance – Year 1 included
  • Attendance at board of directors meetings
  • Telephone or in-person consultation – 1 hour per month included for 6 months

Tier 2: Lift-off

  • All items included under Tier 1 Foundations for Growth
  • Also included in Tier 2
  • Privacy Policy
  • Terms of Use
  • Standard Form of “Friends & Family” Financing Documents

If you are interested in participating in Tier 1 or Tier 2 programs, please contact Maryam Zargar.